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Technology Advisory

Making IT simple to understand, keeping it aligned with your business & reducing your exposure to risks

Organizations depend on technology to increase scale, reduce costs, and gain competitive advantage. At the same time, technology exposes businesses to new risks from disruption, fines or lawsuits, and reputational damage. Calvetti Ferguson can help you optimize technology investments and risk.

  • The Govern domain is focused on “setting up the foundation” in that it covers the establishment of an organization’s IT systems and processes, including the policies, procedures, and controls to ensure that IT is being used in a way that supports the overall business objectives and meets the needs of stakeholders.
  • The Run domain is focused on “keeping the lights on” in that it covers the essential maintenance and operation of an organization’s IT systems and processes, which are necessary for the overall business to function effectively.
  • The Secure domain is focused on “reducing risk” in that it covers the controls that organizations can take to protect their IT systems and data from potential threats and vulnerabilities, including controls and safeguards to protect against unauthorized access, data breaches, and other cyber threats.
  • The Manage domain is focused on “quality management” in that it covers the processes and procedures that IT must manage to ensure their services meet the business needs, align with stakeholder expectations and keep the department aligned with the business roadmap.

Calvetti Ferguson retains industry-leading expertise from recognized experts. Our team has experience as IT leaders, consultants, and advisors, serving organizations of all sizes and industries. Our consultants are members of technology and cyber security organizations, maintain relevant certifications, deliver specialized training to organizations, and advise lawmakers on policy related to technology and cyber security.

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