Client Satisfaction is Our Culture

We’re focused and friendly, inclusive and intentional, supportive and stable. And that’s all by design. We’re a team that leans on one another to create lasting success for our clients, and in the process, build each other up. It’s a complex ecosystem where culture and client satisfaction are one and the same.

Clients want CPAs who understand their industry and business. We want team members eager to learn and grow, which is why we invest time and resources to develop all of our team members. Clients also want to see the same team onsite year after year, which is why we are proud to share our professional staff turnover is lower than the average Top 100 CPA firm at 14%.

According to INSIDE Public Accounting, “Professional staff turnover (CPAs and other client-serving staff) averaged 16.2% for the IPA 100; with 1 in 5 IPA 100 firms averaging more than 20% professional staff turnover.”

You’ll find initiatives focused on team building, giving back to the community through volunteer projects and even some friendly competitions throughout the year. And yes, we’re dedicated to getting things done, but we also know the value of having a good time, forging friendships, and strengthening bonds. It’s not just a culture, it’s good business.

Learn more about our culture by watching the video below.

“The culture at Calvetti Ferguson is one grounded in trust and respect. The team first mindset at the firm pushes everyone to produce their best work, which in turn delivers better results.”

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