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Cyber Insurance Diagnostic (CID)

Determining the appropriate coverage for potential cyber threats

Risk is unique to every organization based on size, location, industry, factors about the current IT environment, and the risk tolerance of senior leadership. There are known controls and processes like cyber insurance policies (CIP) that when followed, reduce the risk of IT-related occurrences. Organizations are able to help transfer their risk cost of recovery with a CIP, but then what?

Our cyber insurance diagnostic (CID) comes into play to help the holder of a CIP determine ways to lower their insurance premium by reducing risk within their business operations. Our team of experienced professionals will guide you through the inspection across six domains: written policies, data protection, backup & recovery, business continuity, training, and compliance. This evaluation aims to determine the right coverage and strategies to reduce risks associated with your IT environment, thereby minimizing your insurance premium.

When should you inquire about a CID?

  • You’re getting a first-time quote for a CIP
  • You’re up for renewal of a CIP and trying to lower the premium
  • You’re preparing for a CIP
  • You’re considering getting a CIP

Receiving a CID is an important step in strengthening your IT environment. Our team is ready to take this necessary step with you to ensure the efficiency of your security posture. 

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