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Post-Petition Services

Navigating bankruptcy with professional expertise

Post-petition services are provided to a company after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Professionals, such as attorneys, accountants, or financial advisors, typically provide these services. They are intended to assist the debtor in navigating the bankruptcy process and ensuring they comply with all legal requirements.

Filing for bankruptcy is a complex legal and financial process, and it can be challenging for debtors to navigate without professional assistance. Companies who have decided to reorganize under Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings can utilize these services offered by Calvetti Ferguson: 

  • Expert testimony
  • Negotiations
  • Petition financials
  • Proof of claims
  • Reorganization value
  • Restructuring plan
  • Tax consulting

These services are designed to help debtors navigate the complex bankruptcy process and can help ensure that they comply with all legal requirements. Post-petition services are essential to the bankruptcy process, providing debtors with the support, guidance, and expertise they need to navigate this challenging time. By working with professionals specializing in bankruptcy cases, debtors can ensure that they comply with all legal requirements, protect their assets and property, and emerge from bankruptcy with a fresh start.

Bankruptcy and restructuring services:

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