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Technology Maturity Assessment

Establishing a baseline view of your IT investments

With organizations increasingly relying on technology to support their operations, including technical evaluations as a business-as-usual activity is critical. Organizations continue to expand their technology footprint with cloud adoption, connected technologies, and an increasing reliance on SaaS services which is why periodic health checks are critical.

These assessments can be leveraged by the CFO, ​CIO, CISO, internal ​auditor,​​ and other stakeholders to understand their infrastructure maturity and areas for improvement. Our approach to these assessments covers multiple key areas, such as:

  • Technology architecture
  • Key processes
  • Infrastructure resiliency
  • Cyber security


As part of this assessment, we assist clients with the identification, documentation, and testing of technical controls and associated processes within the existing infrastructure. Whether your organization has regulatory or contractual requirements, we can perform periodic testing of these key controls to demonstrate compliance. Additionally, our assessors have a deep understanding of technology, resilience, and cyber security, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of technical controls.

In addition to infrastructure-focused assessments, our team performs all manner of other IT-centric assessments to assist management in maintaining oversight of the IT program. If you are unsure which areas of your technology program your assessments should be focused on, we can also assist management in performing a holistic risk assessment to help define a technology assessment plan and schedule.

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