State and Local Tax Services

Helping grow your business regardless of state lines

As a business grows, opportunities often arise to capture greater market share, expand the customer base, refine operations, and achieve increased profitability. For some this means hiring new employees, securing warehouse space, and expanding the delivery network. For others, it may simply mean making minor operational modifications to capture the benefit. Regardless, the reality is that physical borders are not an essential consideration for many when executing a growth strategy. However, the reality is once a business has established nexus in another state, there are tax compliance considerations that must be made. Careful considerations must be given to determine if state sales, use, franchise, or other taxes need to be paid. The situation is further complicated by a lack of conformity between states and local jurisdictions, resulting in different tax regulations based on location. The result can be a tax puzzle difficult to solve.

Calvetti Ferguson has years of experience helping businesses navigate the complex state and local tax (SALT) landscape. Our team members are not only familiar with Texas tax laws but have helped dozens navigate the regulations of states across the country. Our primary purpose is to help minimize these taxes for the short and long term.

Take a Proactive Approach
Given the budgetary shortfalls currently faced by many states due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is certain that tax reviews and enforcement activities will continue to increase in the coming months and years. For this reason, it is essential to review your current situation to ensure there are no unexpected surprises.


  • Income/Franchise/Gross receipts taxes
  • Property taxes
  • Sales & use taxes
  • State and local credits and incentives
  • Other areas such as unclaimed property, payroll, and individual taxes
    • ASC 740 and FIN48 compliance, support and analysis
    • Assistance with negotiating state tax credits & incentives
    • Due diligence reviews of SALT in business acquisitions, both buy-side and sell-side
    • Multi-state tax refund reviews
    • Nexus studies
    • Representation before state tax authorities for audits and controversy
    • Residency planning
    • Review of unclaimed property procedures
    • Sales tax processes and compliance analysis
    • State voluntary disclosure and amnesty programs
    • Tax compliance

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