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Tax Consulting and Planning

Many Texas businesses, if asked, would be more than happy to find ways to reduce federal, state, and local taxes. While there are basic steps each can take, more significant savings is often the result of proactive planning. Since each business is different the variables in the success formula often change based on situational variables. The available tax incentives, including deductions and credits, can open the door to new opportunities from one year to the next. This is especially true in 2020 as many incentives were renewed or extended to help businesses cope with seismic shifts resulting from COVID-19. In fact, many of the changes ushered in by the CARES Act can lead to tax savings in the current or prior tax years. In other words, there are opportunities abound to reduce income and other tax liabilities. For this reason, it is essential to partner with a qualified tax advisor to highlight the changing path to savings.

Calvetti Ferguson works with businesses in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, and across Texas to take advantage of these opportunities. Our experience extends beyond domestic tax planning and includes international opportunities arising from joint ventures and U.S. based foreign subsidiaries. Our team works with privately held companies including partnerships, LLCs along with multinational and SEC registered companies to develop, review and update their corporate tax planning strategy.

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