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Expatriate Tax Services

Expatriate tax consulting and planning

As the business world continues to expand across international borders, the opportunity to invest in foreign assets, businesses, or work overseas has become more common. National borders often become invisible, especially when unique opportunities present themselves, which offer a compelling return on both time and money. While rarely at the top of the list, expatriates need to consider the tax compliance requirements mandated by the Internal Revenue Service. Despite the fact activities occur outside the U.S., it does not eliminate U.S. tax filing and reporting requirements. The challenge is the rules and regulations are often complex and difficult to navigate. Additionally, not every tax professional is familiar with these unique rules.

Our team of experienced tax professionals work with expatriate professionals and those with foreign assets or business ownership interests. This team provides tax planning, optimization, and compliance services. This dual reporting and compliance situation requires the guidance of an experienced international tax advisor. Regardless of the country, compliance concern, or filing status, Calvetti Ferguson stands ready to assist you.

As a member of PrimeGlobal (an international association of independent accounting firms), Calvetti Ferguson may also assist with identifying in-country tax and accounting resources to help meet your team’s local needs.


  • FBAR filing & compliance
  • Foreign credit tax planning
  • Individual tax compliance
  • Repatriation planning
  • State & local tax compliance
  • Tax equalization analysis
  • Tax minimization planning
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Calvetti Ferguson works with middle-market companies, private equity firms, and high-net-worth individuals across the country. Regardless of the complexity of the compliance, assurance, advisory, or accounting need, our team is ready to help you. Please complete the form below, and we will follow up with you shortly.