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Refund Review

Maximizing returns with a sales tax refund review

Business owners know of the complexities involved in sales tax management but could still miss out on potential refunds and savings. Our sales tax refund review services are designed to help uncover missed opportunities, recover overpaid taxes, and maximize returns.

What is a sales tax refund review?

A sales tax refund review thoroughly examines past sales and use tax transactions to identify overpayments, missed exemptions, and refund opportunities. It’s a proactive approach to ensure businesses optimize cash flow and take advantage of available tax savings.

Our sales and use tax professionals have significant experience with various industries, including those with substantial sales tax obligations. We work closely with clients to address their tax needs and provide them with as many tax savings as possible.

Other services:

  • Audit defense
  • Compliance
  • Nexus study
  • Registration
  • Taxability analysis
  • Voluntary disclosure agreement (VDA)

Benefits from obtaining a refund review:

  • Recover overpaid taxes: Our experts conduct a detailed analysis of your historical transactions to identify instances where you may have overpaid sales taxes. Recovering these overpayments can result in a direct boost to your bottom line.
  • Identify missed exemptions: Sales tax exemptions can be intricate, and it’s not uncommon to miss opportunities for savings. Our refund reviews thoroughly examine exemptions, ensuring that your business benefits from all available tax breaks.
  • Increase cash flow: Recovering overpaid taxes and optimizing your sales tax processes can positively impact your cash flow. You can use the funds reclaimed through the refund review to reinvest in your business, fund expansion, or improve operations.
  • Mitigate future risks: Beyond recovering past overpayments, our review process provides insights to help you mitigate future risks. Proactive measures can prevent costly mistakes and improve your ongoing sales tax compliance.
  • Customized recommendations: Every business is unique, and our approach is tailored to your specific needs. We provide detailed recommendations and action plans based on the findings of the refund review, ensuring that you can implement changes effectively.

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