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Quality of Earnings

Uncovering the value of reported earnings

For mergers and acquisitions, the quality of earnings (QoE) serves as a guiding light for both investors and businesses alike. It is a metric that provides a comprehensive assessment of the sustainability and accuracy of a company’s reported earnings, shedding light on financial health and overall performance. As businesses grow more complex and interconnected, the need for reliable insights into the quality of earnings has never been greater. This is when the QoE shinesoffering a comprehensive analysis that empowers decision-makers to make informed choices.

Calvetti Ferguson has significant experience serving the transaction advisory needs of businesses and investors in Texas and nationwide. Our team has conducted dozens of QoE analyses across several industries, including construction, technology, manufacturing, distribution, consumer goods and services, energy and oilfield services, waste management, and healthcare. Our seasoned professionals carefully review the financial details to identify deal points and risks before and after a transaction concludes. Regardless of the industry, our team has the practical experience and technical knowledge to arm you with the information needed.

The Calvetti Ferguson difference

Our firm offers customized and live QoE analyses that our clients can access in real time. We also partner with our tax and technology advisory teams to provide holistic financial due diligence services.  


  • Proof of cash
  • Quality of earnings analysis
  • Quality of assets analysis
  • Tax due diligence
  • Working capital analysis

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