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IT Assessment

A 360-degree view of your IT systems and processes

The Calvetti Ferguson IT assessment framework is a set of standards and controls organizations can use to assess and improve their information technology (IT) policies, systems, and processes. The IT assessment framework uses globally recognized best practices, such as ISO, NIST, COBIT, and other frameworks and standards. The assessment covers four domains: Govern, Run, Secure, and Manage. These domains cover a comprehensive set of IT-related topics and are designed to help organizations align IT with their overall business objectives.

  • Govern services help manage your technology investments.
  • Run services help operate your environment in an efficient, effective manner.
  • Secure services help reduce the likelihood and impact of threats to your data assets, technology investments, and business processes.
  • Manage services help track results, improve your program based on measurable outcomes and industry-effective practices, and plan for the future.

The results of the IT assessment can:

  • Help organizations identify strengths and weaknesses against the five domains where improvements may be needed
  • Inform decisions about IT investments and resource allocation
  • Identify training and development needs for IT staff

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