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IT Due Diligence

Preparing for and conducting thorough due diligence

Regardless of your side in the transaction, having clear and accurate information as it pertains to the IT infrastructure, to what key functions have been outsourced to which vendors, and to the overall security posture of a target is vital to understand. The information discovered during this process provides value on multiple fronts, from insights to understanding the necessary investment required to maintain and/or scale the existing infrastructure to where additional risks might exist for business operations in the future.

Sell Side IT Due Diligence

For the sell-side, the information obtained can be used to prioritize those investments in the target that will proactively address key issues and/or maximize the sales price, often even years before a sale is pursued. For the buy-side, the information is useful in assessing key technology risks of a target and a means of estimating additional investments or areas of synergy with existing operations to maximize the value of the transaction.

Due Diligence Process

The approach taken to achieve the desired results starts with a combination of reviewing existing documentation, interviews, whiteboarding sessions, and site visits with appropriate sell-side participants in order to understand how the existing infrastructure and vendors support business operations. Then, based on the access allowed and the allotted time, the team follows up with inspections of all critical elements and vendor processes identified.

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