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Fresh-Start Accounting

Services to help rebuild after bankruptcy

Emerging from bankruptcy can be a daunting experience for any company. It presents numerous challenges, including complex accounting tasks, financial restructuring, and regulatory compliance. However, after emerging from Chapter 11 bankruptcy, companies can take advantage of fresh-start accounting services to help them rebuild and establish a solid financial footing for the future.

Fresh-start accounting services are specifically designed to support companies in rebuilding their financial operations. Calvetti Ferguson offers a range of fresh-start services, including:

  • Accounting memos
  • Accounting services
  • Audit assistance
  • Fair value assessments
  • Four-column presentations

These services help companies navigate the intricate financial and regulatory landscape after emerging from bankruptcy. By working with Calvetti Ferguson’s bankruptcy and restructuring professionals, companies can benefit from their expertise in accounting principles and regulations. They can also receive tailored support to meet their unique needs, allowing them to focus on rebuilding their business and achieving long-term success.

In summary, fresh-start accounting services are essential to the bankruptcy process. By providing support and guidance, these services provided by Calvetti Ferguson can help companies navigate the complex financial and regulatory landscape after emerging from bankruptcy and establish a solid financial footing for the future.


Bankruptcy and restructuring services:

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