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Distribution companies play a crucial role in ensuring that goods are efficiently and effectively transported from one point to another in the supply chain. They operate in various industries, including manufacturing, retail, healthcare, food and beverage, and technology. With the multitude of industries distributors reach and the variety of functions they serve, it is crucial to partner with a firm that knows your company’s needs. We’ll help you improve efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements through the complexities of the industry.

Struggling with operations, regulations, competitors, or other issues? Our distribution team has the diverse experience needed to look at your challenges from any angle. In addition, our CPAs receive industry-specific training, so you won’t spend time educating them on your business. As your trusted business advisor, we will provide the high level of service you expect.

Recent experience and service offerings include:


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Calvetti Ferguson works with middle-market companies, private equity firms, and high-net-worth individuals across the country. Regardless of the complexity of the compliance, assurance, advisory or accounting need, our team stands ready to assist you. Please complete the form below, and we will follow up with you shortly.