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Defending your organization from internal and external cyber security threats

Technology enables both increased productivity and increased vulnerability to loss. A robust cyber security program not only recognizes the need for a good defense that mitigates known risks but also seeks to prepare the organization to react quickly in order to minimize any loss. Our approach to cyber security focuses on four key areas: Prevent, Detect, React, and Hunt.

Prevent is about anticipating reasonably foreseeable business risks from cyber security threats and taking appropriate steps to mitigate and prepare for them.  We will help you understand your risk profile and analyze the trade-offs of each additional security capability so that your security budget provides the maximum impact for your organization.

Detect is about ensuring that your security controls are properly configured and tuned to your environment in order to provide timely evidence of potentially malicious activity to a qualified security team who can analyze, escalate, and act.

React drives the set of activities to respond to potential or actual cyber security threats. Incidents come in different severities, like injuries, and require different responses in both urgency and impact.  Establishing playbooks to incidents and developing and rehearsing a response plan dramatically improves outcomes, reduces costs, and gives you control, no matter the severity.

Hunt is a proactive approach to finding and evicting adversaries that are adept at avoiding detection if they are in your network or are using Zero Day methods not yet detectable by common security controls. Mature organizations practice continual surveillance operations for any signs of common tactics used by the most stealthy of intruders or insiders.  Smaller teams often hire outside help, in addition to their security monitoring, to regularly conduct similar investigations exercises regularly in an attempt to catch malicious activities in the early phases of an incident.


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