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Sales and Use Tax

Maximize compliance, minimize complexity

Sales and use taxes are essential for businesses as they serve as a critical source of revenue for state and local governments. They are often an overlooked cost for most companies, which is why now, more than ever, taxing jurisdictions are auditing companies for sales and use tax compliance.

Prioritizing sales and use tax compliance mitigates legal risks and fosters a positive relationship with tax authorities, directly influencing pricing strategies, financial planning, and the overall financial health of a business.

Whether your corporation seeks to reduce its sales tax burden, manage its sales tax function, or wants to offload the responsibility of managing sales tax audits, our dedicated team has the experience and resources to assist you at every step. We assist organizations in oil and gas, construction, manufacturing, retail, technology, and more.


  • Audit defense
  • Compliance
  • Nexus study
  • Refund review
  • Registration
  • Taxability analysis
  • Voluntary disclosure agreement (VDA)
Audit defense

Companies are routinely audited for sales and use taxes more than any other type of tax. Navigating sales and use tax audits can be a daunting task, and we understand the importance of a robust defense strategy. Calvetti Ferguson provides a comprehensive solution designed to protect your business and ensure a smooth audit process.

Refund Reviews

Unlock hidden savings and maximize your returns with our sales tax refund review services. Our team of experts will help your company take control of your financial health and will ensure you are not leaving potential refunds and optimizations on the table.

Voluntary disclosure agreements (VDA)

We understand that managing Sales Tax VDAs can be a complex and demanding task for a business. Our team is dedicated to guiding you through the entire VDA process. From the initial assessment to resolving any identified issues, we are here to support your business every step of the way.


Adapting to the dynamic terrain of sales tax compliance is an essential element in the success of any business. Calvetti Ferguson understands the challenges businesses face in ensuring accurate and up-to-date compliance with sales tax regulations. Our services are designed to simplify the complexities, reduce risks, and empower your business for sustainable growth.

Nexus study

Understanding your sales tax nexus is critical to managing compliance and unlocking the full growth potential of your business. Our comprehensive analysis identifies and evaluates your business’s nexus, ensuring that you comply with sales tax regulations while maximizing growth opportunities.


Navigating the intricate landscape of sales tax compliance can be challenging. Whether expanding your operations or looking to ensure ongoing compliance, our sales tax registration services are designed to simplify the process, save you time, and provide peace of mind.

Taxability analysis

In the ever-changing realm of sales tax, understanding the taxability of your products and services is crucial for ensuring compliance and making informed business decisions. This can apply to developing a new product or service, expanding to a different state, or taxing jurisdiction. Our tax experts have developed a strategic initiative to clarify the tax implications of your offerings and ensure that your business accurately collects and remits the correct sales tax amount.

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