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The University of Alabama: This is Your Firm

Crimson Tide, ready to make an impact on day one?

Calvetti Ferguson is ready to help you develop your career and lead you on the right path to grow in an inclusive team-oriented environment. From recruiting events at college campuses to in-depth interviews and dinners, our recruiting team wants to learn more about you and help you gain knowledge of what life at Calvetti Ferguson looks like. 

What sets us apart from other CPA firms?

We provide a PATH to partner. Our interns and employees have unparalleled Partner access, opportunities for Accelerated growth, and lots of Teamwork that Happens across all our departments.

Not all firms enjoy a collaborative work environment where we work as a team and learn from each together. We offer many opportunities to bond and connect with team members. Our connection teams are designed to strengthen connections with other team members that you may not work directly with and also allows you the opportunity to get to know more employees of the firm. From happy hours to team-building activities like bowling or volunteering in our communities, life at Calvetti Ferguson offers plenty of fun activities outside of the office.

We also have a great coaching program where you are designated an assigned coach from day one to help advance you to succeed on your career path. We want to invest in your professional development and provide training, webinars, and events to get you the knowledge you need to thrive.

Our recruitment process at the University of Alabama

We recruit on-campus at the University of Alabama’s career fair; however, you can apply directly to our internship positions.

The typical intern recruitment process is to meet on campus, apply for a position, have the initial interview call, schedule the in-person interview, accept the offer, and show up for onboarding.

For students able to attend our events, we encourage you to take the time to meet our people and gain an understanding of what it’s like to work at Calvetti Ferguson. You can also learn more about our people and their career paths by reading our insights and checking out our YouTube videos.

About the University of Alabama

The University of Alabama, founded in 1831, is a prominent public research university located in Tuscaloosa, AL. Known for its strong academic programs, the university offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate degrees across various disciplines. With a rich history, vibrant campus life, and a strong athletic tradition, the University of Alabama stands as a flagship institution in the state and is recognized for its commitment to education, research, and community engagement.

The Culverhouse College of Business at Alabama offers degree programs at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels and has been continuously accredited by AACSB since 1929. The Culverhouse School of Accountancy secured separate accreditation in accounting in 1981, standing among the first 13 programs nationwide. In addition to a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, the Culverhouse School of Accountancy offers a Master of Accountancy degree, a Master of Tax Accounting degree, and a Ph.D. degree with a concentration in Accounting. Graduates from the School of Accountancy develop communication, problem-solving and interpersonal skills and master the knowledge and skills demanded by employers.