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Connection Teams

What are Connection Teams?

Part of our firm’s culture is the connection teams program, which was created to increase connections between employees in different areas of the business. From Day 1 at Calvetti Ferguson, you are a member of a connection team in your home office. Get ready to have fun because you’ll have an event within the first month – either a lunch, happy hour, or team-building event. It’s a great way to stay connected with each other and get to know people outside of your immediate team.

New Year, New Team

Every year, we switch it up and assign everyone a new connection team. Each team has two co-captains to help lead their team to coordinate and plan lunches and events. We even have statisticians on each team in order to keep track of each team’s score and at the end of each connection team, we give out awards based on team participation and involvement.

Contests, Events & Volunteering

You might wonder what events you will be asked to participate in with your fellow “C-Team” members. Each quarter is a new themed event, whether it’s bowling, archery, concerts, or cooking classes. Each season we ask teams to plan at least one volunteering event, which in the past has included the Houston Food Bank, B.E.A.R. Houston, the Tarrant County Food Bank, and other non-profit organizations.