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Calvetti Ferguson is proud to congratulate Woody Mathews on being elected 2nd Vice-District Governor for the Cleburne Lions Club District 2E2 for the 21-22 year in which the 2021 term will begin in May.  After serving his term, he will be 1st Vice-District Governor the 22-23 and Governor for the 23-24 year.  The Lions Club has 46,000 clubs and 1.35 million members that makes them the world’s largest service club organization to help their local communities.

Woody has been an active member of the Lions Club as a Zone Chairman this year and he will be again for the 21-22 year. He recently participated in the annual philanthropy project for his district earlier this month. Their district purchased eleven lion wagons and filled them with books, toys, and stuffed animals for the children to use during their stay at the Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth and then take home.

How did you first get involved with Lions Club?

I was looking for a service organization that I felt like was active in the community.  Lions Club also had several members I knew and I felt it was a good fit for the type of organization I wanted to be involved in. They are well known for all the work they do in Cleburne and Johnson County.

What is your favorite part of Lions Club?

I enjoy the comradery with the other members and the overall belief that we provide services to those who need help because that’s what we are called on to do.  It is not done for publicity and accolades.

Why did you get involved in the leadership of Lions Club? 

I was on the board for the Cleburne Lions Club several different times during my 22 years of membership. When asked to serve as President for the 2018-19 year I finally felt like I had time to properly serve in that capacity.  I was always involved in our fundraisers as a volunteer in the past, but with young children at home and a growing business hadn’t felt like I could properly spend the time required for the position. It also allowed me to become more involved in District 2E2 and understand needs at the District level. This past year when they needed someone to be a Zone Chairperson and to serve on the Julien C. Hyer Lions Youth Camp Board it allowed me to become more involved with other clubs.  That involvement eventually led to me being asked to fill the position of 2nd Vice District Governor for the coming year and District Governor in the future.  If we always sit back and say someone else will do it, sooner or later they will not be anyone to undertake the responsibility that comes from leading a service organization.

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