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From crafting captivating images to weaving intricate narratives, AI continues to advance in ways we would never expect. Since the release of ChatGPT, we have seen a surge of AI being used in everyday life as a more easily accessible tool. As 2024 unfolds, we will continue to witness a rise in AI’s capabilities for personal use, how AI is being applied for legitimate business outcomes, and how cybercriminals leverage AI to perpetuate faster and more sophisticated attacks.

More Sophisticated Generative AI

Generative AI falls into various categories: text, imagery, and code, with more popular programs like ChatGPTGoogle Gemini, and DALL-E continuing to progress. With abundant data, powerful algorithms, faster processing, and a growing user base, we expect AI to become a more sophisticated and versatile tool for a large number of varied use cases.

AI Regulations

There is currently no official legislation for AI in the US, but guidelines are being discussed as capabilities grow. Below are several actions that have already taken place to help guide AI in its evolution:

Business Growth and Risk

AI can significantly benefit companies and their operations. They depend on technology to increase scale, reduce costs, and gain a competitive advantage. At the same time, existing and new AI capabilities expose organizations to new risks, including increased disruption due to automated cyber-attacks, IP theft, or loss of revenue from AI imposters who can precisely mimic voice and appearance to convince employees that they are receiving valid instructions from management.

How Calvetti Ferguson Keeps You Secure in the Evolving AI Landscape

We provide technology advisory services ranging from simple cybersecurity assessments to gauge your IT posture to helping scope and implement full automation programs to virtual CIO/CISOs that provide strategic IT guidance and management. Our team consists of IT leaders, consultants, and advisors who recognize the ever-changing nature of emerging technology and the capabilities of AI. We take the time to delve into how your organization can benefit from AI and enhance your cybersecurity needs to craft effective solutions to address risks like AI-generated threats.

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