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Houston, TX (August 22, 2019) – Calvetti Ferguson hosted the local legendary sports commentator, John ‘the General’ McClain for a discussion on all things sports. Nothing was off-limits during the discussion — Texans, Astros, Longhorns, Aggies, soccer, hockey, coaches, or players. After a few minutes of networking, John was welcomed by a full house of sports enthusiasts. He regaled the audience with tidbits from recent interviews with players and coaches, then John opened the floor to questions on standout, underrated, and overrated players to the state of contract negotiations for Astros and Texans players. After an hour-long discussion and Q&A session, McClain concluded his event with the comment of “the Astros have a really strong shot to win it all again in 2019.”

Jason Cain, business development director, commented “We hosted this event to bring together our clients and friends, because we know people have passions and interests outside of the office, and we do too.” He added, “We love John and knew our friends would enjoy hearing his take on Houston sports.”

Emily Martin

Executive Director of Marketing

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