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SOC for Service Organizations (SOC 2) – Phoenix, AZ

Many businesses and organizations in Phoenix and across Arizona provide services that require the updating, and processing of sensitive personally identifiable information (PII). This may include social security, bank account, credit card numbers, home address, and more. Ensuring adequate protections are in place is not only necessary to prevent breaches, but also to ensure customers and prospects about the quality of cybersecurity controls. In fact, many expect to see a System Organization Control (SOC 2) report before doing business with a company.

What is a SOC 2 Report?

This report provides essential information to customers, vendors, and others, that require assurance about the security of controls, availability, and integrity of systems used to process confidential data. They play an important role on organizational oversight, vendor management programs, risk management, internal corporate governance, and regulatory oversight. Only a licensed CPA firm is permitted to conduct these assessments and render an opinion on the quality of controls.

Phoenix SOC Experience

Our team has significant experience conducting SOC 2 examinations for Phoenix businesses. Specifically, we can assist with:

  • SOC 2 Reports – Prepared for service organizations for which a detailed understanding and assurance around internal controls at the organization is necessary. Depending on the need, Calvetti Ferguson can conduct a SOC 2 Type I or SOC 2 Type II examination. The main difference between the two is that a Type I report covers a specific period, whereas Type II reports cover a minimum six-month period.
  • SOC 2 Plus -These examinations include one to all five of the Trust Services Categories and Criteria, plus additional criteria for frameworks such as HITRUST, PCI, ISO 27001, NIST or other established control frameworks.
What Our Clients Say

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Calvetti Ferguson provides SOC 2 examinations and reports to businesses in Phoenix and across Arizona. If you are interested in learning about how our organization can assist, complete the form below and a team member will reach out promptly.

About Phoenix AZ

Phoenix’s economy spans multiple sectors, including technology, healthcare, manufacturing, finance, and tourism. This diversity reflects the city’s ability to adapt to changing economic trends and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

The technology sector in Phoenix has experienced substantial growth, with numerous tech companies, startups, and research institutions calling the city home. Phoenix’s “Silicon Desert” is a testament to its role as a technology and innovation hub, fostering entrepreneurship, collaboration, and technological advancements.

The healthcare industry is another driving force in Phoenix’s business community. The city is home to major medical centers, research institutions, and healthcare providers that contribute to the local economy while offering cutting-edge medical services.