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R&D Tax Consultants – Portland Bend (OR)

​Portland and Bend business owners constantly look for ways to improve profitability, reduce costs, and leverage new opportunities. Regarding cost reduction, the focus is often on operational efficiencies, production optimization, and new technology. However, many are surprised to learn about the significant savings opportunity available through the Research & Development (R&D) tax credit. The credit provides a dollar-for-dollar reduction of federal tax liability for qualifying activities. Unfortunately, many Texas companies miss out on millions in savings due to the misconception that credit is only for large companies with formal R&D functions. This is not true; many businesses already qualify for the credit based on current business activities.

Portland R&D Credit Experience

Calvetti Ferguson provides R&D Consulting services to Portland and Bend area companies in various industries. Typically, we work with those that have recently modified, changed, improved, or updated a process, method, or critical software application. This includes agriculture, architecture, engineering, food and beverage, manufacturing, electrical contractors, oil and gas, software, and technology companies. Our years of experience allow us to quickly evaluate savings potential and implement a seamless R&D tax credit study.

Oregon Small Business Profile

OR Small Business Profile

Portland R&D Tax Credit Process

  • Phase 1: Initial Consultation and Benefit Estimate – During this initial phase, our R&D tax credit experts educate the taxpayer on the R&D tax credit and evaluate the eligibility of the company’s operations. A large part of this initial consultation revolves around the Internal Revenue Code’s 4-part test requirements of the R&D credit, and whether the company’s activities successfully meet those requirements. Key aspects discussed include company operations (historical and present), company financials, employee roles and responsibilities, major projects, project documentation, and relevant contacts.
  • Phase 2: Qualification and Quantification – Once an agreement is reached, the focus turns to investigating the facts identified in the first phase. This often includes project interviews, quantifying related wages and expenses, and determining eligibility for the credit. The credit is finalized through oral interviews and documentation review, and the appropriate tax forms are completed and made available to the taxpayer’s tax preparer.
  • Phase 3: Final Report – Following the completion of the final credit figure and applicable tax forms, we may have some follow-up questions and requests; however, the bulk of the lift is out of the taxpayer’s hands. During this final phase, we prepare a final report outlining the specifics of the study process, findings, applicable regulations, and relevant documentation, figures, and exhibits. While this report is not required before claiming the credit, it is an essential piece of documentation to support the credit claim, and it will be the first line of defense if the IRS ever audits the claim.

Oregon State R&D Tax Credit

Unfortunately, the state of Oregon does not offer a state-level R&D tax credit. However, the federal tax credit is still available to Portland companies.

Map of Portland, OR

About Portland (OR)

Portland is surrounded by natural beauty, including several nearby mountains, forests, and rivers. Several industries, including technology, healthcare, and manufacturing drive Portland’s economy bookstores in the world, and the Portland Art Museum, which features a collection of over 42,000 works of art. Portland’s economy is driven by several industries, including technology, healthcare, and manufacturing. The city has several major technology companies, including Intel and Tektronix, and several world-renowned medical research facilities, such as the Oregon Health & Science University. Portland is also known for its food and beverage industry, focusing on local and sustainable ingredients.

National Reach

We also provide federal R&D tax credit consulting services to companies in Boston (MA), Chicago (IL), Los Angeles (CA), Houston (TX), New York (NY), Philadelphia (PA), Phoenix (AZ), Indianapolis (IN), Charlotte (NC), Seattle (WA), Atlanta (GA), and Denver (CO).

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Calvetti Ferguson provides R&D tax credit consulting services to companies in Portland, Bend, and Oregon (OR). If you are interested in learning how we can help your business, complete the form below and we will follow up promptly.