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Meet Yessica Perez

Yessica Perez is a Calvetti Ferguson tax partner located at our San Antonio office. She has been with Calvetti Ferguson for three years and has twelve years of experience. Her industry expertise is in real estate, private equity, and transportation.

Tell Us A Little About Your Industry Experience

“I have had a good mix in my career. I worked with manufacturing and agriculture companies at the beginning of my career. I helped corporations with accounting for income taxes and assisting with compliance and consulting. After that, I morphed into the alternative investments and private equity arena. I have been doing much more of that lately, with many allocations for portfolios and for these private equity investors.”

What Motivates You?

“What motivates me is inspiring people’s lives and careers. I want to make sure that every day, I impact somebody’s life and make it better for somebody. Whether it’s for a client and helping them achieve their goals, or if it is a team member here, I want to make sure they can grow their career and be happy. I want them to feel part of something.”

What Do You Like About the Market in San Antonio?

“San Antonio is one of the largest cities in the nation. It feels like a small town, but it has big city amenities. The Alamo City is rich in history and culinary experiences. From a business standpoint, it has a growing economy, a diverse market, and outstanding professionals.”

How Do You Like to Get Involved in the Community?

“As a family, it is essential for us to give back to the community. My husband and I are volunteers at a not-for-profit organization called Venezuelan Without Borders, committed to raising funds and shipping medicine, clothes, safety, and hygiene goods to Venezuela. I am also the co-chair at ACG ASA Next Gen, which is an organization that provides young professionals with the resources needed for professional growth and development.”

What Do You Love Most About the Culture at Calvetti Ferguson?

“I like that it’s all about people. It is all about relationships and growing those relationships. I also enjoy helping clients achieve their goals, whether growing their company, selling their company, or transitioning to a future generation. We focus on our people in their development and their leadership skills. I like that we focus on community and giving back.”

Contact Yessica

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