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Meet Scott Contreras

Scott Contreras is an assurance partner for Calvetti Ferguson, located in the Fort Worth office. He has 14 years of experience, with seven of those years coming with Calvetti Ferguson. His primary focus is the construction industry, with expertise in the manufacturing and distribution industries.

What is Your Background?

“My background is broad, but most of what I’ve done in my career is in audit. Currently, I’m the subject matter expert for construction. I also work on E&P companies, manufacturers, and all different types of industries, and I’ve done that throughout my career. In mt career, what is given to me were the oddball clients with unusual or complex accounting, so I don’t mind rolling my sleeves up and trying to figure things out, including doing lots of research. I think that was identified early in my career, which is why I have done many different things and worked in many industries.”

What is Your Favorite Aspect of the Construction Industry?

“I come from a blue-collar background. My dad was a policeman and I grew up in a small town, so I can identify with people in traditional, blue-collar industries because I am from the same background. Often, entrepreneurs in that industry are people who’ve decided to hang out their own shingle and go into business for themselves. I like real people, so my favorite aspect of construction and manufacturing is that many clients are real, genuine, accessible people. It creates a dynamic where I can provide a lot of value because I have a specific skill set related to their business and enjoy helping them from that standpoint.”

What is Your Definition of Success?

“My definition of success is my client’s success. Whether that means getting the rate of return they want on their portfolio, effectively implementing something, or cleaning up their books and getting things going in the right direction from an accounting standpoint, those are various measures of success on a micro-basis. On a macro basis, many people measure success monetarily. People also measure success in terms of their life and family. I think that is where I am, where my success is based on my family and relationships. Is my family safe and happy, and have I provided the circumstances for them to thrive?”

How Do You Like to Get Involved in the Community?

“I am very new to the community. I’ve gotten involved in professional organizations, and my wife and I are looking for a church to settle into. We want to create more lasting connections with people in the community, and I also plan to do other things, like get involved in not-for-profits.”

What Do You Love Most About the Culture at Calvetti Ferguson?

“Calvetti Ferguson helps you find out what you want to do and then helps you get there. In other words, it’s a culture of growth and development of people from top to bottom. It’s about pushing people up. It’s a team — it’s a collaborative environment. Everywhere I’ve gone with CF, it’s been collaborative and about promotion, not one over the other.”

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