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Meet Kelly Rangel

Kelly is a tax partner with over 13 years of professional experience, including nine years in public accounting. She has extensive individual, estate, gift, and trust tax consulting and compliance experience, focusing specifically on serving family offices, high-net-worth private clients, and multigenerational families.

What is Your Industry/Service Expertise?

“I am in the private client service industry with a specific focus on family offices. That can look like starting with high net-worth individuals, and our services grow with them as the family grows. The industry is a lot larger than people think.”

What is Your Favorite Aspect of Working in Family Offices?

“I enjoy getting to know different family values. No family comes in the same size, shape, or form, and it is exciting to have a diverse clientele. I like to know clients on a more personal basis because, with more communication, there is more trust. There are people behind the tax, and to put purpose behind our work, we must develop these good connections.”

How Do You Like to Get Involved in the Community?

“Getting involved in the community means having a good balance. My husband, five ‘kiddos,’ and I stay involved in a wide variety of activities. Whether it’s going to a sporting event, art classes, horseback riding, or supporting Houston businesses, it’s all about leading a balanced life and working hard in whatever you do. Calvetti Ferguson really supports this work-life balance and even helps us get involved in the community through connection teams and volunteering.”

What Do You Love Most About the Culture at Calvetti Ferguson?

“What is incredibly important is the intention behind our company culture. Striving for growth is great, but the action and intention behind it makes Calvetti Ferguson great. A lot of work goes into retaining new clients, maintaining clients, and building a strong internal team. Every decision, whether internal or client service-related, is intentional, differentiating us from others in the marketplace. We are small enough to control what we are purposeful about but extensive enough to serve larger clients. This flexibility is powerful and pushes our firm forward.”

What is Your Definition of Success?

“I grew up playing soccer and played competitively at the University of Texas, and so much of that translated into my professional career. You succeed when your team succeeds. When you share a common goal, it is essential to be on the same page and work cohesively to deliver the best service for your client. It is in the journey which you find success. Throughout every project, whether it is a smooth process or not, I want to nurture a team that can stand together through challenges and has each other’s backs.”

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