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Meet Erick Wegmann

Erick has been serving clients in the middle market for over 25 years and with Calvetti Ferguson for 12 as an assurance partner. He works with clients in a broad range of businesses, including energy, construction, and manufacturing, with domestic and international operations.

What is Your Background?

“My background is in upstream energy, where I take on a lot of oil and gas clients, but when I joined Calvetti Ferguson, I started working in the private equity space. I thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to work with clients in a variety of sectors while working in my current industry. Service-wise, I have experience in complex accounting transactions, such as purchase accounting, stock-based compensation, and the issuance of debt and equity financing.”

What is Your Favorite Aspect of Working in the Private Equity Industry?

“I love being a part of change. The industry is exciting, and being able to help clients navigate an ownership change is deeply fulfilling. The industry and job itself are quite technical, but that is what keeps it interesting—every situation is different, and it provides a great diversity of thought.”

How Do You Like to Get Involved in the Community?

“On a personal level, I have the pleasure of coaching my three kids in sports, which is also a way to meet and stay connected with those in my industry. It is important to strike a good work-life balance where I have time with my family and work hard to support them. In a broader sense of community, my wife and I are Legacy Giving Founding Members of Dress for Success, a Houston-based organization dedicated to empowering women and providing them with the resources they need to develop a successful and long-lasting career.”

What Do You Love Most About the Culture at Calvetti Ferguson?

“The aspect I love most about the firm’s culture is the entrepreneurial mindset. The common misconception of CPA firms is that they are boring and uptight, but Calvetti Ferguson embraces change and invests in the future. There is innovation and attention to growth not only on the business side but also within the employee initiatives. It is nice to know that the company culture all around is on the same page and is continuously evolving for the better.”

What Motivates You?

“My motivation is the ability to make a difference in my clients’ businesses. Especially when I am working with small business owners to achieve their goals, it is highly rewarding to have a role in that success. Additionally, I enjoy being challenged in my work because it brings solutions that drive real change and innovation.”

What Do You Like About Working in Houston?

“Houston is full of possibilities and a great place to start your career. The weather is not too great, but the people make up for it. The city has a diverse work environment, and everyone who lives here takes great pride in that.”