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It’s no secret that we’re a different kind of CPA firm, actually, we pride ourselves on that fact. It’s the difference that our clients feel when they have engagements with us, and our team members feel when they join our family. It’s the difference that the Houston Chronicle noted when they wrote how our culture is changing the industry. Our team members describe what that difference is and what it means to them.


Our team members are the key players that set us apart from the rest. We value each one of our team members from the associate level to the partners and each employee has a great impact on our firm’s success. Tazkia Rahim, Tax Senior Manager, states “What makes Calvetti Ferguson unique is that the firm’s priority is its people. It’s just a great atmosphere and I love coming to work every single day. During my hiring interviews, I had a long conversation about what I envisioned for myself detailing out what my goals were and I really feel that I was listened to and the next six and a half years have proved all of that.”

We want our team to succeed by giving them the right tools to achieve their goals. Through professional development and open communication, we believe that we inspire a positive working environment for our employees to thrive. As Nicolas Swint, Assurance Senior Associate, says “It’s very genuine and a nurturing environment when it comes to leadership and to your peers. They care they want to see you succeed everybody wants to see each other succeed and everybody’s willing to go that extra step to make sure it happens.”

Connection & Teamwork

We are always working towards building stronger connections through our team-building activities, mentoring one on one with a destinated coach best suited to achieve one’s goals, and by working collaboratively as a team. Tazkia Rahim says “My favorite part about working with Calvetti Ferguson would definitely be the team that we have. We have a really great team that is very collaborative. We spend a lot of time together so it’s important to have camaraderie. I have a lot of passion for my job because of our team. Having a team that’s a mix of different personalities and different levels at the firm and just coming together and having happy hours and different team-building activities it’s been a really great opportunity.” Nicolas Swint states “It’s one of those environments where you feel connected to everybody in your own personal way and it’s really not forced.”

Each team member is assigned a “C-Team” where they are encouraged to participate with other team members in activities outside of the office such as monthly lunches, fun team building activities like an Escape Room or Top Golf, and happy hours to interact with other members in the firm and strengthen those relationships. 


We believe in investing in our team members. By giving them the opportunities to grow and flourish, we all succeed as a whole firm. As Tazkia Rahim says “there’s an investment in you the same that you’re investing in the firm, the firm is investing back in you. You need that because otherwise, it would just be like any other job and no one wants that.”

We believe in an equal work-life balance and we want our team members to be happy and enjoy their work. Nicolas Swint says “there’s a lot of visibility in the firm and it’s a good kind of visibility. In order to be a successful employee, you have to be enjoying your life.”

We are constantly growing our firm by hiring more team members even during these unprecedented times. Our employees work together with other departments learning from one another. Kasey Parks, Tax Associate, states “the opportunities are endless that’s really I think what makes the firm different. It’s being able to wear different hats and work collaboratively with other departments. You’re not stuck doing one thing every day, it’s always something new.”

Benefits & Giving Back

We believe we offer an exceptional benefits package. We are proud of our open PTO allowing employees to take the time they need to create a balanced work life. As Kasey Parks says “We have an open PTO policy which is amazing, so we have time to take off and be there for your friends and family when you need to be. This is more than I expected in my first corporate job.”

We also want to provide our team members with additional perks for their hard work such as free snacks and drinks in the breakroom, great health and dental benefits along with our open PTO policy, professional development opportunities, internal growth awards, and the ability to volunteer as part of Calvetti Ferguson’s “Let’s Give Back” program.

Each year, our firm participates in several different volunteer and charity projects. During the 2019 holiday season, a couple of our offices volunteered to decorate homes in the community for those who could not do it for themselves. Another office adopted two local families and had a team member become Santa to deliver their gifts. The Houston office has been consistent in volunteering with the Houston Food Bank and collected several hundred pounds of canned and non-perishable food items. Other offices have been consistent volunteers with their local Meals on Wheels organizations. We take pride in offering each office the chance to volunteer for something they are passionate about.

Don’t just take our word for it, watch the video below to hear from some of our team members describe the Calvetti Ferguson culture. 

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