IT Internal Audits

Helping businesses understand & manage technology risks

There are many organizations that may not have the business need or perhaps resources to have full-time IT Auditors on-staff. Some organizations may require oversight of their in-house staff, or additional staffing to augment their team during peak times. We strive to provide the highest quality IT Internal Audit services to assist internal audit departments, CFO’s, and other stakeholders in understanding and managing their technology risks.

One of the ways we serve clients is by assisting with the identification, documentation, and testing of IT internal controls. If your organization has Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), FDICIA, or other requirements, we can assist management with the required annual testing of these IT key controls.  Additionally, with our team having extensive experience in both Big 4 and middle market accounting, you can rest assured knowing that your external auditors will be in a position to leverage a significant portion of our testing for their own procedures, which can result in audit fee and time savings.

In addition to regulatory or compliance-based IT internal audits, our team performs all manner of other IT-centric internal audit projects to assist management in maintaining an oversight of the IT function. If you are unsure which areas of technology your audits should be focused on, we can also assist management in performing a risk assessment to help define an IT audit plan and schedule.

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No matter the type of project, our objective is to ensure that we provide IT audits that address the most critical risks to your organization. To learn more, please contact us using the form below.