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Businesses large and small can benefit from outsourced accounting services. While companies will eventually reach a size and scale that warrants bringing their accounting function in-house, growing companies may not yet be willing to invest in an experienced accountant capable of delivering on growing business needs.

Below are some common challenges smaller and growing businesses encounter that can be alleviated by utilizing a third-party accounting service like ours.

Long close cycle

Small businesses rely on immediate feedback to properly manage their resources, and unfortunately, we see close cycles of up to 60 days. What sort of quality decisions can be made on information that’s two months old? With proper coordination, we can achieve close cycles measured in days rather than months, accelerating and improving your decision-making.

You require less than a full-time equivalent

As a fixed cost, proper utilization of the finance and accounting function is a valuable way to keep overhead costs low and the back office effectively contributing to your company’s bottom line. Outsourced accounting allows your company to spend only the dollars needed to achieve an efficient close cycle – freeing up capital for other value-add activities.

You struggle to hire

Even in a competitive labor market, public accounting firms remain one of the best places to have a career because of the investment in the training and development of their employees. We are uniquely positioned to ensure that your accounting records and management reporting are staffed with the highest caliber individuals, eliminating the HR headache of hiring, training, and terminating.  In addition, by outsourcing the function, we absorb the turnover risk – if a team member happens to leave, we have others ready to fill that void the next day, and nothing is missed in the process.

You want objective and independent custody of assets

With small businesses frequently being staffed by family members, maintaining an objective and emotionless attitude towards the business finances is an immense challenge. Outsourced accounting ensures that your company’s assets are managed with the utmost objectivity and concern for safekeeping – freeing you from internal squabbles and clouded judgment to make the best decisions for your business.

You need expert insight into your business

Great businesses demand great reporting and insight, and our suite of industry experience can help you identify what you don’t know yet. Whether that’s key financial metrics front-running a problem in the business, management reporting helping you evaluate the profitability of various product lines and service offerings, or connecting you with our vast network of legal, finance, IT, and other service providers, outsourced accounting services are in a unique position to immediately fill business needs, especially in a high-growth environment.

Katya Samoilov, CPA

Accounting Services Client Onboarding Senior Manager

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