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Calvetti Ferguson – A Better Choice for Your Texas Employee Benefit Plan Audit

When a middle-market CPA firm merges with a national firm, the messaging focuses on the benefits received through expanded expertise and additional services. Quite often, reassurance is given to clients that they will continue working with the same team to ensure the same level of care and personal attention. They make it sound so wonderful and amazing that it would be impossible to be dissatisfied with the change. Unfortunately, this is not how it always plays out.

When a national CPA firm acquires a local firm, unexpected changes occur. Often this includes partner retirements, changes to your team, new tax and audit procedures, increased bureaucracy, and a gradual decline in service. When combined with fee increases, it leaves many frustrated, upset, and exasperated.

If a national CPA firm acquisition has left your business facing these conditions, then it is time to make a change. Why continue to work with national CPA firms that just do not deliver?

Calvetti Ferguson is a Houston CPA firm that provides middle-market businesses with tax, accounting, assurance, technology advisory, and advisory services. We have a dedicated employee benefit plan partner and conduct more than 90 EBP audits each year. Our firm can address compliance needs as well as assist with other issues that arise as a business grows and matures.

All services are provided with a high level of personalized service and competitive fee structure, often unmatched by others. In addition, our team members have deep roots in the community that extend far beyond an office address.

Stop Settling

Interested in jumping off the merry-go-round of frustration and disappointment? Contact us today for your EBP audit and other service needs.