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In a recent article by the Journal of Accountancy, many women in the accounting industry are having difficulty keeping their careers on track with balancing the challenges of homeschooling and caregiving during the second year of the pandemic. As stated in the article, firms need to adopt a flexible, personalized approach to coach these women during this time to ensure it does not derail their careers.

Finding flexibility and communicating regularly are the key tips that can help the profession stay on track. As stated by Lori Lato Morales, Tax Partner, and a member of the AICPA’s Women’s Initiatives Executive Committee, “open communication is essential both to helping people shuffle their workloads around childcare and family responsibilities and to ensuring other staff are not overburdened with the extra work.”

Our approach to working amidst the pandemic

Calvetti Ferguson found an individual approach to work best. Lori said that “we were very intentional about being very informal. We understood from the very beginning that this is not a one-size-fits-all situation.”

That means that instead of issuing a blanket policy, managers spoke to each staff member to find out what their personal situation looked like and then tried to figure out how best to accommodate them. For example, if an employee could only work certain hours to fit in around childcare, the company tried to organize the workflow accordingly.

Jared Hamilton, Director of Human Resources, added, “What is most important about accommodating employees is not just targeting or singling out a certain group, but rather understanding there are a number of people, in various circumstances and backgrounds, that will need to have flexibility at any given time.  Our professionals are extraordinary at appreciating and using the flexibility CF offers while maintaining an exemplary level of execution. Trustworthiness is a core value at Calvetti Ferguson and was a key component in getting us through the pandemic.  We had to trust each other — and we did.”

The culture at Calvetti Ferguson is one grounded in trust and respect. We understand the flexibility our team members need to maintain a balanced work life. Learn more about our firm’s culture.

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