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Calvetti Ferguson is proud to announce that we are a recipient of ClearlyRated’s 2024 Best of Accounting award. Accounting firms that receive this recognition must have demonstrated excellence in providing quality service, as determined by feedback from their clients. This annual recognition shines a spotlight on leading accounting firms, allowing them to stand out while giving potential clients more confidence when evaluating accounting service options. 2024 marks the second year in a row that Calvetti Ferguson has received this recognition. 

The Best of Accounting award by ClearlyRated recognizes excellent service in the accounting industry. The award is determined by distributing surveys to the clients of the accounting firms and measures success by using their survey responses, which a third party verifies. This award program gives reliable and unbiased benchmarks for service quality in the accounting field and allows people to see which accounting firms are providing the best service to their clients.

To be eligible for this award, a firm must achieve a minimum response rate of 20% from the surveys that were sent out. According to ClearlyRated, the top-performing accountants earn the Best of Accounting award by attaining a Net Promoter Score of at least 50%, indicating exceptionally high levels of client service. In the broader business context, a Net Promoter Score of 50% is deemed “Excellent.”

For this year’s award, Calvetti Ferguson achieved an outstanding Net Promoter Score of 79%, surpassing the “Excellent” category and entering the prestigious “World Class” category. This also marks an eight point increase from 2023. To put this in perspective, the industry benchmark this previous year was 41%.

“Receiving the 2024 Best of Accounting award from ClearlyRated highlights the dedication and hard work of our entire team,” says  Jason Ferguson, managing partner at Calvetti Ferguson. “This recognition is a result of the team’s strong commitment to delivering exceptional service to our clients.”

“Being acknowledged as an industry leader with this award is a significant honor. It inspires us to continue our pursuit of excellence and reaffirms our commitment to serving our clients with top-notch quality. We will continue striving to provide them with the highest standard of service.”

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