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Meet Norm Robbins

Norm Robbins is a CPA and tax partner at Calvetti Ferguson. He has 15 years of experience and has spent 2.5 of those years at Calvetti Ferguson. Norm has industry experience working with professional services, manufacturing, and distribution.

What is Your Definition of Success?

“My definition of success is accomplishing what you are striving to do. I think success is based on something other than financial measurables. Many people measure success on money, but you could make an honest income and still accomplish what you want and be happy. So I’d say success is accomplishing what you want, being happy, and enjoying what you do.”

What is Your Favorite Aspect of Working With People in Professional Services?

“It’s gratifying to add value to what they’re doing and helping them or helping them find a new bank or insurance provider and just adding value to them—the most rewarding part of this job, no matter what industry, is helping people.

What Do You Like about the Market in Fort Worth?

“I like how it’s personable. It’s friendly and relationship-based, so you get to know your clients, and it’s not superficial.”

What Do You Love Most about the Culture at Calvetti Ferguson?

“Well, the most important thing is that it’s genuine. That everyone cares about each other and has my best interest in mind. The people make the culture.”

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