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Professional service firms have been facing a number of challenges in recent years, including talent shortages, keeping up with new technology, and staying ahead of the competition. These challenges necessitate that firms be agile, innovative, and proactive in their strategies to remain competitive and deliver value to their clients. One solution to these issues is intelligent automation services. Below is a case study which produced the following results:

  • Increased efficiency and productivity: Automating repetitive tasks such as data entry and reconciliation allows staff to focus on higher-value activities, improving productivity and streamlined workflows.
  • Enhanced accuracy and reduced errors: Automated systems minimize human data handling and processing errors, ensuring more accurate financial reporting and compliance.
  • Cost savings: Reduction in manual labor and time spent on routine tasks leads to cost savings, enabling the firm to allocate resources more effectively.
  • Improved client service and satisfaction: Faster turnaround times and more accurate reporting enhance client satisfaction and trust in the firm’s services, leading to better client retention and loyalty.


The firm was exploring strategies to reduce the amount of full-time employees needed, but still meet ambitious revenue goals. Another factor impacting the firm was the consolidation trend. Firms were merging and acquiring other firms-increasing their headcount, and with that also the ability to offer services at lower prices. Our team, along with key executives from the firm, identified areas of opportunity for intelligent automation to help combat industry challenges across internal and client-facing operations.

Key executives involved in the automation initiative included the:

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Head of Finance and Accounting
  • Practice leaders


Since the start of the intelligent automation project two years ago, the firm has achieved the following:

  • $10 million in gross ROI (net total of $9 million)
  • Increased billable revenue per employee
  • Faster turnaround times on project deliverables
  • Reduced repetitive tasks to increase employee satisfaction

The intelligent automation project is estimated to achieve over $10 million in ROI over the next three years, with the program’s costs totaling $960K to date. These results highlight the successful integration of intelligent automation in enhancing the firm’s operations and productivity.


Calvetti Ferguson evaluated various solutions, focusing on improving the firm’s recruitment processes and automating daily tasks to enhance efficiency. With a highly competitive talent market and the use of disjointed and non-integrated technology platforms, the firm faced difficulties in attracting and retaining enough employees to meet its growth objectives. These issues led to the initiation of a proof of value project to evaluate the potential of automation. Intelligent automation would allow the firm to maintain high standards in talent selection without compromising on quality, and also help current employees focus on less repetitive and more complex tasks.


The proof of value project demonstrated the feasibility of intelligent automation, providing the base for IT and personnel infrastructure to execute more stages. The implementation team improved their strategy early on, leading to three key opportunities for improvement:

  1. The understanding of automation potential
  2. Accountability within service lines for achieving results
  3. Organization and tracking of efforts

The process was refined to ensure each of the firm’s internal teams understood their goals and resource allocations. The first phase took three months from brainstorming to implementation, while the main project launch took 60 days. By the end stages of the project, the implementation team trained employees and helped define roles and responsibilities and produced ROI tracking methods.

About Calvetti Ferguson Intelligent Automation Services

Calvetti Ferguson’s intelligent automation services transform business operations with cutting-edge robotic process automation (RPA) and AI-driven analytics, driving unparalleled efficiency and innovation. Our comprehensive services utilize RPA to automate routine tasks, freeing your talent to focus on higher-value activities. We enhance these processes with AI, such as machine learning, making them not only automated but also intelligent, adaptive, and predictive. All transformation is executed with adequate governance and security through the automation Center of Excellence. By partnering with us, companies can effectively begin their automation journey with a ‘proof of value’ project, ensuring minimal initial costs and maximum impact. We can equip your company to stay ahead, ensuring you’re not just reacting to changes but anticipating them with the help of sophisticated AI discovery tools.

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