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LEAD Program

What is the LEAD Program?

The LEAD (Leadership Excellence Accelerated Development) Program is a professional development program at Calvetti Ferguson.

We specifically identify individuals who consistently show excellence and drive in multiple facets of their roles. Their positive GROWTH behaviors and high performance exemplify Calvetti Ferguson’s mission. With time and targeted training, these skills present a path to partnership.

Life at Calvetti Ferguson

How does one apply?

Through performance review and discussion, the partners in charge identify potential Calvetti Ferguson LEADers. These are not just ‘rock stars’ that can churn out work, but also high potential senior associates and above that have exemplary skills in multiple areas (i.e., technical proficiency, administration and budgeting, developing others, and business development skills).

These potential LEADers will be asked to submit a one-page application essay discussing why they desire to become a partner at Calvetti Ferguson and why they believe they are prepared for advanced training in this program.

What courses will be taught in the program?

There are a variety of development opportunities throughout the program. LEADers learn what it’s like to be a partner by participating in partner shadowing opportunities in various real-life experiences. Other training areas may include branding and social media, firm management, soft skills,  networking and business development, and more.

The LEADers will be expected to complete each development topic according to their current level in the firm. To participate in this program, employees must be in good standing with the firm and maintain a high level of performance.

Life at Calvetti Ferguson

Watch one of our videos to learn more about the LEAD program and meet some of our LEADers.