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Whether you are a student, college graduate, or experienced professional, there is always room for growth. Calvetti Ferguson offers a variety of opportunities for all stages of one’s career journey while focusing on professional development in a more specialized way. The firm was excited to welcome back five interns from last year as full-time associates and continue their career advancement.

Starting as an Intern

Our goal is to provide a collaborative environment for our interns to experience the Calvetti Ferguson culture. There are many opportunities to connect with team members and to participate in career development activities to help them make an impact from day one.

What impacted me the most as an intern was the support I received from every employee and the ability to get to know both my co-workers and top-level management,” said Maya Claypool, former intern, and current Tax Associate. “I returned as a full-time employee because I love the culture at Calvetti Ferguson.”

You are assigned a coach and a connection team as an intern, just like a full-time employee. Our coaching program is designed to fit the intern or employee’s specific career path and provides them with access to training, webinars, and events to help expose them to knowledge to help them thrive.

Early Career

Calvetti Ferguson invests in you. Along with the coaching program and connection teams, all new hires are assigned a “CF Guide” to help them navigate a successful start with the firm. Career development is a continuous process integrated into our culture to ensure a rewarding place to work.

“Whenever I started full-time after my internship, I felt like I never left,” said Hailey Bishop, former intern, and current Human Resources and Talent Acquisition Associate. “The team was welcoming and provided ample resources to help me achieve my career goals.”

Experienced Professionals

Even at a senior level, there are opportunities for professional growth at the firm. Our more experienced, high-performing employees can participate in our L.E.A.D. Program (Leadership Excellence Accelerated Development), which includes real-world partner shadowing, executive coaching sessions, intensive workshops, and evaluated mock scenarios to take their leadership and professional skills to the executive level.

“Our partners invest in the career growth of all our people in such an inspiring way,” Jared Hamilton, Executive Director of HR and People Development, said. “We always tell our employees to make sure they take control of and ‘own’ their career, and then our leadership provides clear pathways to do it.”

Calvetti Ferguson seeks to make the “path to partner” well-defined and achievable. Through these learning and development programs, our dedication to our employees achieving their goals remains a continuous and conscious effort.

Making an Impact

Calvetti Ferguson strives to provide opportunities for employees at all levels to make an impact internally at the firm and externally in the communities we serve. By doing so, we understand the importance of employee development and fostering an environment that encourages our interns to return and keeps our current employees fulfilled.

“Every level, from a partner to staff, is involved in the direction of where we are going as a firm and how we serve our clients,” said Brad Cummings, Dallas Office Managing Partner.

Are you ready to develop your career at Calvetti Ferguson? Take a look at our internship and full-time opportunities today.

About Calvetti Ferguson

Calvetti Ferguson is one of the largest independent accounting and advisory firms based in Texas. As trusted business advisors to privately held and public companies, private equity funds, family offices, and high-net-worth individuals, we provide assurance, tax, advisory, accounting, and technology risk services. We advise beyond accounting to eliminate hurdles, identify opportunities, and ensure the best for our clients and their businesses.

Recognized by Forbes as one of America’s Top Recommended Tax and Accounting Firms, Calvetti Ferguson is also an INSIDE Public Accounting Top 200 and Fastest Growing Firm. Calvetti Ferguson is an independent member firm of PrimeGlobal, the fourth largest association of independent accounting firms with approximately 300 member firms in over 90 countries.


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