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Cryptocurrency Tax Planning & Consulting

Cryptocurrency Tax Planning & Consulting

Cryptocurrency has fast become one of the most interesting investment options for Texas high net worth individuals, businesses, and organizations. Not only does the technology behind the virtual currency invite engagement, but the fact that many large national companies (including Tesla and AT&T) accept it as a form of payment has piqued interest. There are currently over 6,000 different types of cryptocurrencies available to be traded on over 380 exchanges globally. In other words, virtual currency appears to only be gaining in popularity. Despite this, there are many questions about transactional taxes, IRS reporting, and most effective tax planning strategies.

Calvetti Ferguson has significant experience addressing the tax needs of investors, businesses, miners, and others involved with virtual currency. We work closely with clients to provide the necessary tax planning, optimization, and compliance services. The combination of practical experience and technical knowledge provides a level of value difficult to match. The result is a comprehensive tax plan which empowers and informs short- and long-term decisions.


  • Federal & State Tax Compliance
  • Tax Minimization Strategies
  • Reconciliation of Activity from Exchanges & Wallets
  • Cryptocurrency Investment Transaction Reconciliations
  • Foreign Account Reporting
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