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Our logo is a thoughtful representation of who we are and how we work; from the emotions the colors represent, to the shape, and to the movement conveyed by the flags. Each element was carefully designed to exemplify our mission, vision, and values. We take pride in our culture and our team members. We know when one succeeds, we all succeed.  

Round shape

The circular shape is indicative of continuity, security, and protection. These are all things we value when working with our clients. The shape is also devoid of edges. Round logos are also often associated with being less intimidating or more friendly and inviting than sharp-edged logos. They also project a feeling of positivity. Using circles or round shapes also suggests community and friendship. When developing our logo, it was clear that a round shape was the way to go.

Our colors

Blue: We depend on each other, trust each other, and are stronger together. We’re dedicated to getting things done, but we also know the value of having a good time, forging friendships, and strengthening bonds. Our culture is grounded in trust and respect. The team-first mindset pushes everyone to produce their best work, which in turn delivers better results. We truly are a team that is stronger together. We chose blue since it represents dependability, trust, and strength.

Green: We are in serious growth mode. INSIDE Public Accounting (IPA) ranked us as one of the fastest-growing firms in 2019.  Over the past three years, we have acquired firms with offices in Fort Worth, Cleburne, Dallas, and San Antonio. Looking towards the future, there are no signs of slowing down. We chose green because it represents growth, health, and prosperity.

Orange: Like our culture states, we’re focused on being friendly, inclusive and intentional, supportive and stable to our internal and external clients. We know our team members are the reason we can succeed.  Friendliness leads to better and open communication. We don’t have silos. We intentionally communicate among service lines so our clients receive the best and most integrated experience. Since our team members have been in the industry, we can operate with confidence because we have ‘been there, done that’. We chose orange since it represents friendliness, cheerfulness, and confidence.

Our flags

There is a common writing and graphic design principle known as the Rule of 3. Quantities of three are more appealing and easier to remember than other amounts. We utilized this principle in the design by representing our mission, vision, and values with the colored flags. Adding movement to the flags demonstrates continuous evolution and progress. We understand to succeed you must evolve as your industry, business, and people evolve. The three colored flags are moving in unison providing a sense of symmetry, balance, and harmony. 

Emily Martin

Executive Director of Marketing

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