Managed Phishing and Social Engineering

Keeping the End-User Front of Mind for Your Company’s Cybersecurity

Attackers these days know that the softest target in any organization is almost always the end-user. therefore, it is critical to provide the end-users of an organization with ongoing security awareness training, and then test whether that training is getting through. As we have seen happen on countless occasions, even the most advanced security technology can be rendered ineffectual by employees who do not practice safe computing habits. Our social engineering solutions take the worry out of evaluating your employees’ vigilance, we will help you determine the effectiveness of your training program and recommend strategies for increasing end-user savviness when it comes to identifying and avoiding potential social engineering threats.

Managed Phishing Simulations

Managed phishing simulations are conducted by our security team to help you gain comfort that your end-users are able to effectively spot phishing attempts and not fall victim to common attacks. Campaigns are conducted on a frequency of your choosing; we suggest customized ploys as an attacker might and detailed results are then provided on employee performance. Follow-up training is provided for any end-user that is successfully phished.

  • Simulate phishing attacks to test your employees’ knowledge
  • Campaigns to meet every requirement with follow-up training
  • Periodic testing simulations on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis
Social Engineering / Physical Environment Examinations

Utilizing publicly available information and a variety of techniques, our security team will attempt to obtain confidential information from your employees or gain access to sensitive areas of your business. Campaigns are conducted on a frequency of your choosing, and custom attacks will be developed specifically for your organization. Detailed reporting will be provided, and compromised employees will be provided with additional training. Physical security risk assessments are also available to help your company understand the vulnerabilities your company faces.

  • Social engineering campaigns
  • Physical security evaluations
  • Physical penetration assessments
  • Risk assessments
  • Follow-up end-user training

Ensure your human layer is being properly secured

Security should be an integral part of the culture and DNA of your organization, and your end-users must receive frequent training and reminders on how to apply scrutiny and due care in their daily computing habits. A simple annual security training program is not sufficient to keep these items fresh in the minds of your employees.

Periodic testing of your human layer is critical to ensure that the security training you are providing is getting through and being put into practice in your employees’ daily lives. Periodic phishing simulations, social engineering, and physical environment examinations are a few methods that you can use to determine whether your end-users are properly applying the lessons they have learned.

Managed phishing and social engineering overview brochure

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