Client Experience

We make it a priority to provide excellent client service on every engagement. In order to ensure we are doing so; we utilize Net Promoter Score (NPS). When compared against industry benchmarks in 2019, with a score of 64, Calvetti Ferguson surpassed the “Best of Accounting” NPS of 60 and is on the way to a “World Class” NPS of 70. For context, we rank among companies with high net promoter scores like Netflix, Amazon, H-E-B, and Southwest Airlines.

While our 2019 NPS ranks as one of the highest among U.S. CPA firms, we remain committed to ensure each client is satisfied with their experience with us. After each engagement (or after a significant portion of the work is complete), we send our clients a short, 2-minute survey that helps us gauge their experience with us. The results of the survey are shared internally to help improve our client relationships and firm performance.

At Calvetti Ferguson, our values are more than just words, they’re a way of life. At the end of 2012, our partners identified the values which clearly articulate our firm’s culture. Not only do these core values permeate our firm’s processes and procedures, they also guide our team members in their client interactions. While our firm grows in size and service offerings, our mission and values will remain unchanged.

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