Calvetti Ferguson

Benefit Plan Audit Expertise

Performing high quality employee benefit plan audits requires a specialized team of professionals, not audit generalists. At Calvetti Ferguson, our dedicated Benefit Audit Practice brings together years of industry specialization with a consultative approach to provide guidance and identify opportunities for improvement.

Calvetti Ferguson Benefit Plan Medical

You wouldn’t use a doctor that “dabbles” in medicine.

Our dedicated Benefit Plan Audit expertise will ensure a healthy audit experience.

As specialists, we examine your plan to correct any inconsistencies or errors that could result in fees and penalties, and then establish processes that ensure your plan stays healthy.

  • 0% of plans we have audited had issues when audited by the DOL
  • 0% of the plans picked for our peer review had deficiencies in the audit process
Calvetti Ferguson Benefit Plan Legal

You wouldn’t hire a lawyer that “dabbles” in law.

The Benefit Plan Auditor you use should be judged just as thoroughly.

Our dedicated Benefit Plan Audit Practice focuses 100% on this specialized area to assure high quality audits, timely filings and solve operational efficiencies.

  • Auditing more than 60 plans every year
  • Helped previously “out-of-compliance” companies achieve plan compliance with the DOL
Calvetti Ferguson Benefit Plan Mechanic

You wouldn’t go to a mechanic that “dabbles” in engine repair.

Ensure your Benefit Plan Audit runs smoothly and arrives safely and on schedule.

Our Benefit Plan Practice Leader has over 15 years of public accounting experience, specializing in employee benefit plan auditing.

  • Expertise includes providing consulting services relating to compliance with U.S. Department of Labor requirements and IRS regulations
  • Experienced in defined contribution plans, defined benefit plans, employee stock ownership plans, health and welfare plans, 11-k filings and more