Calvetti Ferguson

Case Studies

Learn how we added value to our clients’ business with service tailored to meet their specific challenges through our case studies.

WEST Engineering Services

A multidisciplinary approach optimizes tax position and preserves valuation during the acquisition process. Read More >

Las Animas and Prairie Oil and Gas Partnerships – Auditing Decades-Old Information to Give Partnerships New Direction

Decades-old oil and gas partnerships are by their very nature complicated, but when the prospect of new shale production enters the picture, the issues become even more complex. Read More >

Consolidation is Key: How CF&W Helped CAMAC International Integrate its Oil and Gas Assets

Complex accounting and the consolidation of multiple entities can be daunting, arduous tasks for a corporation – tasks that are compounded when the entities in question are overseas and subject to international regulations. Read More >

Improving Automated Controls to Detect Fraud

Automated controls are intended to make life easier — often in the pursuit of more efficient, paperless systems, or better security and reduced human error.

While automated controls vary in terms of their sophistication (from a simple password to process controls within a system), at their best they take mundane, routine controls out of the hands of employees to allow them to do more meaningful, thought process work. Read More >

Global Energy Services: Moving Quickly to Meet Transactional Timelines; Secure Capitalization

Global Energy Services provides state of the art drilling systems and rig components for operators and drilling contractors. Once a client of a global public accounting firm, the private equity-backed company began looking for a new public accounting firm that would be more responsive to its needs. Read More >

Doing Due Diligence Right

When a company is looking for an acquisition target, there is always the temptation to treat due diligence as just another step in the process instead of the exhaustive investigation that it is meant to be. If done correctly, however, due diligence can result in tremendous savings in time, money, and frustration. Read More >